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When it comes to longevity and experience in the construction business, John Temmel has it covered. Our commitment to high-quality work, client satisfaction, and a hands-on approach makes John Temmel one of the leading builder/general contractors in the Greater Atlanta area.

Career Timeline

Beginning in 1985 as an assistant builder for Ryland Homes – a nearly 50-year-old company frequently celebrated by BUILDER Magazine –  Ryland’s philosophy was to train new builders from the footings to the ridge vent. Builders for Ryland had to understand every process involved in building a home.  From assuring the home was set on the lot properly, doing a thorough framing inspection, to making sure the final product delivered was something the buyer would be proud of.  John moved to Florida in 1986 to become a builder for Babcock Homes. In 1987, John acquired his Florida State Builders License B Level and went back to Ryland Homes as a builder in 1988. In 1989 John won the Florida region builder of the year an accomplishment he is still proud of today. In 1990 John moved back to Atlanta because he enjoyed the construction techniques more.  Atlanta has topography making the setting of a home more challenging and it is not so dam hot.   In 1992, John was promoted to the Service Manager position, and by 1994, went on to become a custom builder with Brock Built Homes.

While John eventually discovered that he was better suited to owning his own company, he felt that his job as a Service Manager taught him invaluable life and business lessons, garnering and utilizing best practices from other builders.   As a service manager you understand how to approach problems and how to take care of customers.  He also learned from having to service other builders homes that you have to get it right the first time and never cover up a problem as they will always show up at a later date.

John had learned enough by spending nearly 10 years in the industry that by 1995, he ventured out onto his own and started his own company from the ground up. For 20 years, John worked on a plethora of construction projects, from renovating a commercial kitchen, to tearing off a roof and adding a second floor to a building, to redesigning several basements, screen porches, and sunrooms; now, John is still the owner and operator of John Temmel Siding while working on the general construction of residences.

Our Specialties

The contractors at John Temmel Siding have specialized not only in siding, but also in home renovations, new construction, and in exterior work.

The hands-on, personable approach John Temmel takes with each of his clients leads his customers to return to him for their new projects for years to come; recently, John began work on a repeat clients’ new home in Virginia Highlands.

John isn’t above “putting on the toolbelt” and going to work for a client – something most general contractors can’t claim. He has frequently spoke with clients and gone out to job sites for quality assurance on weekends. John attests that his ease of ability to communicate with his customer is due to obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Ohio University in 1985.

What Sets Us Apart

Besides over 30 years of experience, expertise, and positive client relations, John Temmel has a future-focused aesthetic. He believes in creating a residence that is easily accessible for clients to add on to, and/or make changes to for projects down the line; for example, John ensures his framing checks are done properly for every project, so that a customer may add on a room, den, or workroom in a few years. This makes a client’s’ life easier as they move in; they can be assured that the construction of their new residence is not only sound, but adaptable to fit their needs.

John also ensures that he keeps a trustworthy, reliable team on staff. His lead siding installer has been his right-hand man for 18 years, which showcases his commitment to workmanship quality. He trusts his employees’ judgement regarding new hires and any construction issues that may arise during the building process. John’s willingness to listen to employee and client concerns only aid in adding to his positive reputation and general good rapport with all of his customers.

You know your builder truly loves what they do when they spend their free time building things. John Temmel enjoys working around his home, landscaping his waterfall garden or cutting his grass with his golf course lawnmower. John is happiest when he is making something, or getting to watch a transformation that he had a hand in happen in front of him. He applies that same passion not only to his hobbies, but also to each of his clients’ building projects.

What To Expect

John is happy to work with clients at any stage of their home renovation project, whether they are just dipping their toes into remodeling, or if they already have their building permits. Some homeowners immediately know what they want, and some need to take their time or make changes due to unexpected life occurrences. Changes often occur, but with a solid team in place, the contractors with John Temmel have a combined wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that any project gets completed in a satisfactory and timely manner.

Keep in mind that renovations are more difficult to plan around and build than new construction. With new construction, builders are starting with a clean slate. With home renovations, a general contractor will have to work around already-established plumbing, load bearing walls, etc. This can be challenging, but not anything an experienced GC can’t handle.

When selecting a general contractor, it is also imperative to remember that you get what you pay for – repeatedly having to correct your contractor’s mistakes year after year is not something any homeowner wants to spend their time and money on. Take the time to select the perfect contractor to suit your needs, so that your job gets done right the first time.

Whatever stage your home renovation project is in, the builders at John Temmel are ready and willing to assist as you move forward!

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Bidding old and new clients is our bread and butter, and we are able to take on your residential project. March – November is peak season for construction in Atlanta. Work is booking fast, so give us a call today!

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